October 21, 2019

Continuing with USAW—Advanced Sports Performance Coaching Certification

This month, I once again returned to the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, Colorado to attend USA Weightlifting’s Advanced Sports certification.  From the USAW’s own materials: Welcome to the second formalized education course within the USA Weightlifting Coaches Education Program. This course accommodates the needs of those coaches who have successfully completed the […]

Climbing a Fundraising Mountain

Over the past couple of months I have been working to achieve my fundraising goal of $5,000 to support the work of Big City Mountaineers (BCM).  Thanks to the generous gifts of many contributors, I have now surpassed that goal and am looking to raise even more money to help the young people that BCM […]

Extreme Physiology Online Learning

This month’s installment is about something I already did and also about something that I would like to encourage you to do.   Over the course of the past two months I participated in a free online learning opportunity provided by Stanford University.  Along with over 10,000 other students from 144 foreign countries, I “virtually” joined […]

USAW’s “Supercompensation” Programming Model

In the new year I found myself at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, CO (along with 40 other coaches and 2 former Olympic athletes—Cara Heads and Oscar Chaplin III,  from 26 states and 2 foreign countries) attending the inaugural USAW (United States Weightlifting) Program Design Course—a course specifically designed to highlight the […]

More on the “O” Lifts

Almost a year ago (this is my first substantive post since returning to my blog) I traveled to Boulder, Colorado to gain additional insights on the Olympic lifts (just for clarification, there are only two: 1) the clean and jerk, and 2) the snatch).  Why Boulder?  Well, because Boulder is where Randy Hauer lives and […]

Where I Have Been … Where I am Going

I frequently tell my clients that it is important to not let life events get in the way of their training and their ongoing commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  I understand all too well the implications of not doing what we all know is right, that is, eating right, engaging in regular exercise, and allowing for sufficient […]

Transition Program & Record Keeping

Over lunch the other day with a client I ended up explaining how my thoughts on resistance training have changed over the last few years, especially in regard to programing (i.e., the frequency, intensity, and volume of resistance training sessions).  At the heart of our conversation was my admission that my thoughts about resistance training […]

My Personal RAGNAR

D2R2 was intended to mark the end of my ’12 race calendar; however, early in July a friend (and former client) asked me to participate in this year’s Coloardo RAGNAR relay.  Knowing that if one tend to says “no” all the time that one ends up friendless and alone, I agreed.  Shortly after saying “yes” […]

D2R2—An Epic Ride in the Northeast

Earlier this month I joined my friend Houston Joost for the epic D2R2 180K randonee ride.  Although the event had been on my calendar for nearly two years, up until the end of April, I had not fully appreciated the challenge that the D2R2 could potentially present.  Houston’s Facebook comment: “How is your training for […]

The Zone (You May Want to Get in It) … and More About Sugar

I am not sure how I missed this one, but thanks to a client (thank you Terri), I recently read “Enter the Zone” by Barry Sears, Ph.D.—author and leading researcher in the area of the hormonal effects of food, as well as an innovator in the area of intravenous cancer-drug delivery systems, Sears’ 1995 release, […]

Tough Mudder – Beaver Creek

Early this month I joined one of my clients, Greg Londo, along with his wife Molly and my wife, Hope, for the 2012 Tough Mudder. Both individually and collectively, this was our first attempt at this type of endurance event—one that presents 23 obstacles scattered over a 12-mile course. The Tough Mudder is a different […]

8 Hours at Life Time Fitness and My “Urban Adventure”

In April I placed two long training days on my calendar, each designed to support my longer-term training goals (i.e., primarily to promote changes in my strength to weight ratio) and to provide new and different fitness challenges.  For the first, I constructed an 8-hour training day at Life Time Fitness-Centennial (consisting of 4 group […]

USA Weightlifting – Beyond the Basics

Over the course of the last couple of years, I have dabbled in the Olympic moves (snatch, clean, and jerk) with limited success, frequently getting discouraged by the difficulty of these seemingly simple moves (I have preferred to read about these movement patterns rather than incorporate them into my ongoing training programs).  I mean you […]

Garmin 910XT … New Training Tool

This month I received my new Garmin 910XT along with the optional Garmin Forerunner Foot Pod.  I find significant value in training with heart rate (HR), as do many other trainers and coaches.  I recently started leaving my Polar products behind after a very positive 6+ year history with Polar’s 725X (no longer available), RS400sd, […]

You Don’t Need Me, Really … You Don’t!

From time to time I encounter individuals who, due to either their independent nature, lack of availability of funds to dedicate to formal training, physical location (i.e., they live in another state) or some other valid reason are unable are unwilling to engage me in a personal training relationship; however, they remain interested improving or […]

The Worst Squat Ever: Dec. 22, 2011 (Life Time Fitness approx. 12:15 p.m.)

Really, I see it ALL the time. This day was really no different, but the squatting technique that I witnessed on December 22nd at the Parker, Colorado Life Time Fitness at approximately 12:15 p.m. was so bad that it inspired me to write about it (the reason I am being so specific with the details […]

International Ironman – IM Cozumel

After nearly four months of Ironman-specific training, I headed off to Cozumel, Mexico for the 2011 Ford Ironman Cozumel.  Traveling with my wife and our two small children (3-years-old and 15-months, respectively … and their first time flying), we made the 3 1/2 hour flight from Denver on Thanksgiving Day (no turkey and gravy for us […]

Coach (Me) Gets Coached

With Ironman Cozumel looming and my fitness level being challenged as I approached TransRockies, I started to contemplate enlisting the help of a coach to guide me through the final weeks of my TransRockies preparation and help direct my long-term Ironman training.   By the third weekend of July (as I headed off to participate […]

Sardines = Tasty Little Fish?

Sardines … the word alone usually conjures up either a blank stare, facial contortions, or, as is the case with me NOW, a smile and thoughts of a great tasting, protein-rich comfort food. Below I have outlined one of my favorite ways to enjoy these tasty little fish that are chocked full of “good” fats […]

GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run (Abbreviated)

I “ran” ha .. again, I can’t help myself … across the flyer that is the featured image for this post in a local runner’s magazine in 2008.  Since that time, the flyer had been prominently displayed in my office where I frequently contemplated when I would get a chance to complete this epic event. […]

Go West Young Men (via the Triple Bypass)!

Last month I completed the Triple Bypass.  The “Triple” is one of Colorado’s “epic” rides and one that had been on my personal “to do” list for a while.  The event is fairly straightforward: ride from Evergreen, Colorado to Avon, Colorado while climbing up and descending down three major mountain passes—Squaw/Juniper (11,140 ft.), Loveland (11,990 […]

XTERRA Mountain Championship — Beaver Creek, Colorado

Images from this year’s XTERRA Mountain Championship race: With the demise of XTERRA Buffalo Creek (my absolute favorite Colorado XTERRA—2009 marked it’s final year, pending new developments, see text box below), the Beaver Creek Mountain Championship has earned an annual place on my race calendar (I competed here in 2009 but unfortunately missed last year’s race). […]

Highlights from the NSCA Endurance Symposium

Earlier this year I attended the NSCA Endurance Symposium at the NSCA headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO.  I have long-held a respect for the NSCA and have been a member since beginning my training career (I am also a candidate for the CSCS certification and expect to take the exam sometime of the course of […]

ChiRunning (and a local “ChiRunning” guru)

I read Danny Dreyer’s “ChiRunning” last year and practiced many of his concepts from time to time, but I never made a concerted effort to master the “Chi” (pronounced chee) techniques.  The subtitle of his transformative book provides additional insight into what “ChiRunning” is all about: “A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running.”  Sounds good, right? […]

Zero Calorie Run?: Epic Endurance Cheyenne Mountain Trail Run – 25K

Last Saturday I joined my wife, Hope, along with our friends Paul Hardcastle and Michelle Grubb for the inaugural Epic Endurance Cheyenne Mountain Trail Run 25K.  Epic Endurance is the brainchild of our friend Andrea Watkins and her new boyfriend, “Steve 6.0” … those are her words NOT mine!  Let me say at the outset […]

Shannon Sharpe and you? … and me?

The December 21st, 2010 edition of the Wall Street Journal featured the following article as part of its regular “What’s Your Workout” column: “Football Player Leaves the Field, Not the Gym: After a Stellar 13-Year Career in the NFL, Shannon Sharpe Maintains a Severe Fitness Program and a Disciplined Diet.”  For those of you that […]

My Oatmeal

I love oatmeal … period!  It is a staple in our home and recently, due to the urging of one of my personal training clients, I put pen to paper (or, as it turned out, fingertips to keyboard) and put together my basic oatmeal recipe to share.  But, what if you don’t share my enthusiasm […]

Snowshoe + Snow Mountain Bike + Nordic Skate Ski = Winter Triathlon

Over the weekend I competed in the 3rd annual Aria Spa & Club Winter Triathlon.  Hosted at Ski Cooper’s Tennessee Pass Nordic Center, this annual event offers an excellent winter challenge and a great off-season training day.  The weather was perfect, the sun was out above a crystal clear blue sky and the snow was […]

Bikram What?

During the first week of November I participated in my first Bikram yoga class and I could not have selected a better studio: Yoga on 6th (now iLiv Yoga).  Self-described as a “warm, inviting space,” Yoga on 6th (located in the Cherry Creek Shopping District at the corner of 6th and Detroit) offers a wide variety […]

Planning Next Year’s Events

Over the course of the past couple of weeks I have started contemplating the upcoming race year and am working to finalize what the 2011 race calendar will likely look like.  I am always thinking  a few years in advance and this year was no exception … I had already committed myself to GORE-TEX™ TransRockies® Run […]


Hypertrophy – to grow or cause to grow abnormally large, in this instance, growth as it relates to the size of skeletal muscle. Increased muscle mass corelates to increased weight (all other variables remaining the same, i.e., percentage of body fat) and this is generally not a good thing for an endurance athlete.  However, I […]

First “Ultra”: Run Rabbit Run 50

Over the weekend I travelled to Steamboat Springs, CO to participate in the Run Rabbit Run 50 Ultra Marathon (RRR is part of the Montrail Ultra Cup).  After a winter devoted to Ironman training (St. George, May 1), I transitioned into my ultra training program and spent the spring and summer preparing for this event.  I […]


Today I joined my friend Roy Swanson for a circumnavigation of Aurora’s Cherry Creek Reservoir.  Over the course of the summer, I have managed to achieve the goal that formed from my 40th birthday present.  You see, my wife surprised me with a 12.1′ Surftech Laird Hamilton SUP paddleboard (as an FYI, REI offers a great selection […]

“Running” Fourteeners

Pikes Peak Over the past few weeks I have managed to squeeze in a couple of long runs on two beautiful mountains: first, Pikes Peak (elevation 14,115 ft.) and, second, Mt. Evans (elevation 14,260 ft.).  Pikes Peak yielded a marathon distance run and Mt. Evans provided the challenge of a marathon “plus 4” (a 30-mile […]

Mt. Evans Group Ride

Earlier this month (June 15th) I joined a group of friends/athletes for a ride from Bergen Park (elevation 7798 ft.) in Evergreen, CO to the top of Mt. Evans (elevation 14262 ft.) via Colorado 103.  The informal “Mt. Evans Day” is an annual event for the Practical Coaching crew and one that I routinely try to make.  This […]

Inaugural Ford St. George Ironman

First Ironman … Check Almost a month ago to the day I travelled to St. George, Utah to compete in the first (and my first) Ford St. George Ironman.  What a fantastic venue, race, and personal experience.  In the days that followed the race I have often repeated the same answer to the frequently posed question […]

“Off Season” Recap November ’09 – April ’10

After a summer spent racing XTERRA and road triathlons, I met the “off season” with particular excitement;  however, this year there would be no break in the action as I looked to supplement my Ironman training with some “fun” events to keep my mind and body fresh.  What follows is a recap of a few […]

Third Time Is The Charm?

Tonight I set out on a 9-mile “recovery” run and returned with a renewed interest in developing my WordPress blog.  First, a little background.  I have been contemplating sharing some of my training, racing, and life experiences for a few months now.  It is my hope that by blogging about how I am using endurance training to enhance my quality of […]