October 21, 2019

Third Time Is The Charm?

The author, after a "recovery" 9-miler

Tonight I set out on a 9-mile “recovery” run and returned with a renewed interest in developing my WordPress blog.  First, a little background.  I have been contemplating sharing some of my training, racing, and life experiences for a few months now.  It is my hope that by blogging about how I am using endurance training to enhance my quality of life that I can contribute something of value to the endurance community and to those living (or wanting to live) a healthy and active lifestyle.

I am a personal trainer, a non-practicing Colorado attorney, a USAT (Level I) triathlon coach, and someone who has a sincere interest in health and wellness; in addition, and more importantly, I have a keen interest in helping others be “their highest and best selves.”  It is my sincere hope that the writing that I contribute here will serve to inspire, educate, and motivate.  I have included my previous, but unpublished, post from October 2009 below:

12-Miler In Whiteout Conditions to the Edge of Night (Redux)

Much like working in WordPress today (this marks the “second” beginning of www.brianbeattefitness.com), last night I ran into the unknown … I ran directly into a whiteout that caught this runner, now blogger, off-guard.  Although I hadn’t seen it coming, the beautiful snow and my iTunes playlist of new Depeche Mode “Sounds of the Universe,” Paul van Dyk “Reflections,” and Markus Schulz “Toronto ’09” combined to yield a fantastic run.  I worked under the added weight of my GoLite “Rush” pack (all the weight came from the 2.5L of water inside the Platypus “Big Zip” bladder) as I had turned my attention to making preparations for the upcoming MoabXC race.  The snow collected upon me as I visualized Moab and ran off the lingering remnants of the “fatigue wake” left by last week’s Denver marathon.

Now for the “redux” part … this is where things get interesting as a new blogger.  I actually posted the story of my exceptional run experience as my inaugural post last night only to allow a couple of errant mouse clicks destroy the entirety of yesterday’s WordPress efforts this morning!  Now, after some housecleaning and restructuring on my hosting site, I have revived a slightly different version of last night’s first post.

The author, after a snowy 12-miler

— October, 2009

Back to the present … and the “third” attempt (hopefully, this is all starting to make sense).  Tonight’s run was eerily similar to the October outing—intermittent snow, darkness, and fatigue (this time the fatigue came from yesterday’s Phidippides “track” workout—see www.phidippides.org and the long swim that immediately preceded it).  Instead of Depeche Mode and assorted techno, it was A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde that encouraged my recovery pace.  Tonight’s run will be repeated and extended tomorrow as I will be running 13.1 miles and breaking up each of the remaining disciplines for a complete half-Ironman (part of the training that I am doing for the upcoming inaugural Ford Ironman St. George—May 1, 2010).

As for the blog, here is my “action plan”: 1) write several entries that highlight and review the 2009-2010 winter, including the Moab XC event, the Pedal Power winter triathlons, and the Beaver Creek snowshoe series, 2) read and put into practice the book that is sitting right next to me “WordPress for Dummies, 2ed.”,  and 3) make, at a minimum, a single blog entry each month.

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